Kevin O’Leary co-founded O’Leary Funds in 2008, along with his business partner Connor O’Brien. According to the duo, their goal was to provide Canadians with an investment rooted in their philosophy of providing value while generating high yields. This philosophy was instilled in the mind of Kevin at a young age, when his mother taught him that you should only invest in stocks which offer dividends. As a result, every stock that is found in the O’Leary Funds portfolio pays a relatively high dividend.

O’Leary Funds currently offers a wide variety of fund options, ranging from Canadian Equity Funds, Canadian Bond funds, as well as US and Global Equity and Bond funds. Since inception, O’Leary’s funds have outpaced many other mutual funds in the market, which is credited to O’Leary’s sound financial knowledge and the experience of his financial team.

O’Leary’s View on Mutual Funds

The fact that O’Leary created his own mutual fund is somewhat odd, given the fact that O’Leary has spent a good portion of his career advocating against investing in mutual funds. Prior to opening his own fund, he always stated that hiring managers to manage your portfolio was a waste of time and money, and that investors would be better off choosing stocks on their own. Of course, this view seems to have changed since opening O’Leary Funds, and he now states that many investors simply don’t have the time or experience to choose a successful portfolio, thus the small management fee that his firm charges is well worth the cost.

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